"The support we get from ApplianSys is just superb – the advice from ApplianSys has always been honest and straightforward, keeping our business growth at the forefront."
Mohammed Nori, MSTT, Libya
"I am very happy with the results. The call quality is very good..."
Mike Hennessey, VoIP Systems Engineer at Spidersat Communications, Tanzania
"Since installing VOIPBOX we’ve seen a massive improvement at our call centre. Very few calls get dropped now..."
Ahmed Mian, Technician at Euro Africa Travel, UK

How It Works

VOIPBOX optimises the way data is transmitted over the network by:

  • Breaking up large data packets into smaller pieces meaning VoIP traffic can be slotted into gaps between the larger data packets
  • Ensuring that VoIP data is transmitted without interruptions (reducing jitter) so that your bandwidth use can go up from 70% to 100%
  • Giving priority to smaller data packets over larger packets so that NTP, DNS and other similar protocols are not affected by any large downloads going over a connection.

Timing errors for VoIP voice packets

Compress the data packet, not the audio

  • VOIPBOX uses a proprietary technology to compress the VoIP data packets without compressing the audio stream ensuring that call quality is not affected.
  • Remaining bandwidth can be used for data transfer without affecting the VoIP data stream
 Codec  G.729  G.711  G.722  GSM
 Without VOIPBOX each call uses  42.4kps  106kps  63.6kps  42.4kps
 With VOIPBOX each call uses  8.1kps  64.1kps  32.1kps  3.1kps
 Calls per 256kps
 28  3  7  17
 +700%  +50%  +233%  +340%

Improving call reliability and security

  • Automatically switches over to backup connections so you can carry on with calls in progress
  • Lines can be bonded giving you more bandwidth and resilience allowing the loss of a line without losing calls in progress
  • VOIPBOX enabled sites can be joined together to form private networks, which means that security is easier to control
VOIPBOX combines service provider Quality of Service levels with the simplicity of an appliance, making it attractive for both ISPs and enterprises who need to optimise bandwidth.

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