"The support we get from ApplianSys is just superb – the advice from ApplianSys has always been honest and straightforward, keeping our business growth at the forefront."
Mohammed Nori, MSTT, Libya
"I am very happy with the results. The call quality is very good..."
Mike Hennessey, VoIP Systems Engineer at Spidersat Communications, Tanzania
"Since installing VOIPBOX we’ve seen a massive improvement at our call centre. Very few calls get dropped now..."
Ahmed Mian, Technician at Euro Africa Travel, UK

Key Features – Compact Flash

VOIPBOX uses industrial CompactFlash cards, guaranteed by the manufacturer not to fail in 100 years of constant use, for the operating system (OS) and settings.

The operating system has a small footprint (currently less than 128MB) which, once booted can run purely from RAM, making it extremely fast.  It’s made even faster by performing a lot less read/write cycles – only writing to flash when changes are made.

You also have better protection in the case of an unexpected power outage. CompactFlash cards massively reduce the risk of configuration and application data being corrupted.

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VOIPBOX combines service provider Quality of Service levels with the simplicity of an appliance, making it attractive for both ISPs and enterprises who need to optimise bandwidth.

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