"Videos are cached and delivered so much faster now. At peak times we regularly see bandwidth savings of 75%"
Victor Hugo, Network Administrator, EMAX, Peru
"Unlike many other products, ApplianSys' devices simply work, which saves me headaches and hassles on many levels..."
Greg Relaford, Technical Director at Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences, USA
"From opening the box to a fully functional unit was 10 minutes."
Chief Network Architect, Leading Hollywood Studio, USA
"We used to offer speeds between 500 and 800Kb/s but now we can offer an 800Kb/s minimum and an average of 1.5-2Meg per second"
Bob Ney, Support Engineer at Esplanade Wireless, USA
"It's clear to us that the solution we have has been correctly sized. It's perfect."
Richard Thomson, London Business School

Euro Africa Travel keeps talking

June 22, 2010

ApplianSys today announced that Euro Africa Travel has selected VOIPBOX to improve the quality and quantity of calls supported by its call centre in Pakistan.

“VoIP is a critical part of our operation but because of capacity and line reliability issues we just weren’t seeing all the benefits VoIP promises”, says Ahmed Mian, call centre manager, Euro Africa Travel. “Sound quality was poor and we were constantly losing calls mid-conversation, which was beginning to upset our customers.”

The VOIPBOX solution creates a secure link between the London HQ and call centre in Pakistan.  By compressing VoIP packets without compressing the audio stream VOIPBOX reduces jitter whilst keeping sound quality high. The smaller packets making better use of the existing bandwidth and so more calls are possible over existing connections.

“Since installing VOIPBOX we’ve seen a massive improvement at our call centre. Very few calls get dropped now and the negative impact it was having on customers has disappeared. It has definitely been a worthwhile investment,” comments Ahmed.

Established in 2003, Euro Africa Travel (www.euroafricatravel.co.uk) is a leading London travel business providing worldwide holiday packages and flights.  With access to over 400 leading and specialist tour operators and suppliers it provides an impartial travel service to its customers.